Over twenty years ago Chaka Khan released a song called ‘I’m Every Woman’. Whilst I wouldn’t pretend to be every woman (that would be exhausting!!) I have been a young and not so young mum, I’ve lived in a big bustling City and a quiet rural market town, like many women at times I’ve struggled and suffered for my figure, I’ve had jobs and I’ve had careers, I have bruises from hitting my head on the glass ceiling but have also had doors opened for my heels to saunter on by, there have been moments of undiluted pleasure as well as abject despair and many successes and failures along the way!

My career to date has included Double Glazing Salesperson, Shop Assistant, Mortgage Adviser, Bank Manager, Financial Adviser, Reverend, Regional Fundraiser, Emotional Intelligence and Lifestyle Coach, Wife and Mum (most physically and emotionally demanding and rewarding by miles) and now blogger!

I hope you enjoy journeying and experiencing life with me!

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Crazy Christmas Hat Day!!

Hey Fellow Bloggers! I need your help…the amazing charity I work for, Worldwide Cancer Research, is having its first Crazy Christmas Hat Day where we are encouraging people to post a selfie, donate by texting ‘Research £2’ to 70004 or by paying in online following this link https://www.worldwidecancerresearch.org/donating/ and then nominating others to do the … Continue reading Crazy Christmas Hat Day!!


So much happens in ladies toilets. Some of my best decisions, funniest moments and deepest conversations have been made whilst squeezed into a cubicle with a friend  (child or sister). Recently, during a very high-powered meeting, I exited with another lady to use the ladies toilet. After being admitted through several security doors I followed … Continue reading A.S.S.U.M.E

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