Do’ya wanna build a snow person?


This week we had a short flurry of snow! Despite the fact it appeared and disappeared within the space of ten hours and barely covered the grass my daughter was beside herself with excitement.

She continually kept on running up to the window to see how much of the white stuff had settled. She began to plan, in detail, how she would build a politically correctly titled snowperson (“I don’t think its fair they are called snowman”) and made a mental list of what ‘equipment’ she would need.

My reaction was at the other end of the emotional spectrum.

Whilst I can remember LOVING snow as a child, enjoying family skiing holidays and having snowball fights with friends until I could no longer feel my fingers and occasionally my toes, the sight of it now fills me with dread.

When my daughter was standing at the window reciting songs from the movie Frozen (‘Do ya wanna build a snowman…’) outwardly I was smiling but my inner voice was screaming “Noooooooo!!’

And I began to wonder what has changed in me and when did this change occur?Almost immediately I remembered the winter of 2009/10 and it all became icicle clear.

That winter I was approximately five months pregnant (although to give you an idea of my size at that time, others constantly commented that I must be due any day now), we lived at the top of the Malvern Hill’s and owned a rear wheel drive car which refused to be controlled at the sight of snow therefore making it useless in such conditions.

If that wasn’t bad enough in order to access the nearest supermarket (which ironically was Iceland) we had to walk for approximately four hours down and then up a very steep, icy hill carrying heavy bags.

This continued for about three weeks and with my newly found insight this experience has obviously emotionally scarred me! What a revelation…it is not actual snow that I’m adverse to just the memories it uncovers!

Just like the little boy who when asked by his teacher “Can people predict the future with cards?” responded, “My mother can because when she takes one look at my report card she’ll tells me exactly what will happen when my father gets home”, our experiences if we allow them, can act as self fulfilling prophecies.

The memories we have, based on the experiences we’ve been through, can affect the future we embrace.

Experience is the nurture counterpoint to design’s nature. It is the wisdom, learned skills and other assets that we acquire along the way in life that can help or hinder us.

What experiences have you had within your lifetime that you need to take control of? What memories do you need to relinquish?

I have decided I will not let one bad experience impact my enjoyment of the white stuff and the next time it falls from the sky I’ll pop on my snow Uggs (no numb toes for me anymore!!) and build a snowperson!


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