Many years ago I read about BHAG, which is an acronym for Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

I realised that for much of my life I had played it safe and underestimated what I am capable of achieving. Upon realising the reality of BHAG I started to dream big and to smash down the boxes I had allowed others to place me in. I shrugged off the stereotypes and labels that had been pinned to my person and I allowed myself to simply be and to dream, live and exist without restrictions.

As a woman I realised my conditioning from childhood had been to be subtle, feminine and to stay small. Through the media, television programmes and general culture it had been overtly advised that my primary role in life was to put everyone else’s (children, spouse and eventually parents) needs above my own…whilst there is a time and place for this I’ve learnt that listening and indulging my personal needs keeps me mentally alive and a much nicer person to be around!

Throughout my childhood it became common place to see, read and hear popular celebrities demean women and reduce them to ‘sex objects’. Any expression of anger or unjustness was seen as unladylike and frowned upon. As a result of subtle conditioning, far too many women never claim their fullest most vibrant lives. I have rebelled against this with my choices and actions.

Over twenty years ago Chaka Khan released a song called ‘I’m Every Woman’. Whilst I wouldn’t pretend to be every woman (that would be exhausting!!) I have been a young and not so young mum, I’ve lived in a big bustling City and a quiet rural market town, like many women at times I’ve struggled and suffered for my figure, I’ve had jobs and I’ve had careers, I have bruises from hitting my head on the glass ceiling but have also had doors opened for my heels to saunter on by, there have been moments of undiluted pleasure as well as abject despair and many successes and failures along the way!

My career to date has included Double Glazing Salesperson, Shop Assistant, Mortgage Adviser, Bank Manager, Financial Adviser, Reverend, Regional Fundraiser, Emotional Intelligence and Lifestyle Coach, Wife and Mum (most physically and emotionally demanding and rewarding by miles) and now blogger! I hope you enjoy journeying and experiencing life with me!

Since reading about BHAG I have challenged my own thinking and have attempted to think, dream and live big. I have discovered skills and talents I never knew I had and helped several other women along the way do the same! This blog is my invitation for you to unleash your potential and join me in living a BHAG lifestyle!

3 thoughts on “Everywoman!

  1. Wow… lovely blog. Yes, we are conditioned to put others before us and when we get frustrated we are blamed for having a bad temperament. Keeping us mentally alive is very important. Thanks a lot for this😀


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