About Me…

Hey, my name is Wendy, I live in Bucks, am proud to be a mum to three gorgeous children, wife to a pretty amazing man (pictured above with our two sons, our daughters photos is attached to the blog ‘The Futures So Bright You Gotta Wear Shades’) and daughter, sister, aunt, niece and cousin to a wonderfully dysfunctional family. I’ll happily admit to being an extrovert, occasional control freak, bookworm, movie addict, chocolate lover and wine guzzler.

I have an almost insatiable and passionate belief in every individual having a mine of unleashed potential just waiting to be discovered. Within my blogs there will be many ways for you to share in my journey (and hopefully enrich your own!) and hopefully get to know yourself better, work on your weaknesses and delight in your strengths.

If any of these blogs help (or hinder!) you in any way please complete a contact form and let me know!