Wendy coached me for a period of eight month on my career goals. We had six sessions in that period and the coaching has significantly improved my professional life. I have gained clarity on what I want and have moved closer to my goals and aspirations. Wendy is compassionate, a great listener and very professional in her coaching practice.

I highly recommend Wendy to everyone who wishes to achieve an improvement in their personal and professional life.

D. Collins, Senior Lecturer

Coaching had a tremendous impact on my goal setting ability as well as helped me keep focused and on track with my plans. Wendy is a lovely and inspiring professional whom I enjoyed working with and highly recommend.

A. Menezies, Project Manager

Working with Wendy has made me realise that coaching is powerful and so much more effective than I realised.

M. Freepersons, Secondary School Head of Year

Wendy brings a definite framework to the task of creating goals. Her incisive mind has helped clarify issues and impediments. Under her coaching I have been able to identify and sift through a number of options and then create a plan of action. She has helped me set and move towards a number of goals.

R, Cuttill, Aeronautical Engineer

Wendy’s coaching provided me a kind of backbone in my life to move onto my goal, so that I could sustain on the track and maintain the motivation to move on, although sometimes I encountered difficulties. Her sincere and empathic attitude with lots of smiles, laughter and positive energy gave me great recharging moments at each session, I am so grateful that I have been coached by Wendy.

I found that her coaching has been very well structured, always am amazed by her attentive and empathic llstening skills, which were very encouraging.
Finally, I truly appreciate her patience and kindness.

Y. White, Counsellor