What’s in a week?


Well what a week!

I have comfortably travelled on trains for approximately sixteen hours without being abused, inappropriately touched or engaged in any inane conversations.

It was close but I narrowly escaped being arrested in Pound Stretcher following an incident with some plasters…I maintain my innocence!!

With sadness I said ‘adieu’ to two lovely ladies I wish I’d had the opportunity to know in a more profound way.

Ploughed through 400+ emails and reserved my place on two separate courses.

Repeatedly gazed and proudly shared the photos of my stunningly gorgeous niece celebrating her thirteenth birthday.

Ate cake and drank tea with about one hundred people all gathered to celebrate the 90th birthday of a charming and handsome gentleman.

Sang ‘Always look on the bright side of life’ through tears, whilst waving my arms and standing united with my colleagues in order to honour a living hero.

Finally committed to a long awaited brunch with good friends…yum.

Got excited about swimming whilst simultaneously drowning in paperwork.

Compiled an unexpected school presentation for a group of teens and prepared a power point for a gathering of pensioners.

Committed to helping organise a festival, potentially two art exhibitions, two sponsored walks, one online auction, a spiritual retreat and a comedy evening.

Fell off the diet wagon AGAIN, it’s a really rocky ride, and consumed three hot chocolates as well as backsliding and adding sugar to my tea…the shame!!

As if this wasn’t an adequate amount of activity I also walked upon virgin snow and purchased my first ever car!! Two weeks ago I passed my driving test and after many hours scouring what automobiles fitted my visual and financial needs, comparing and contrasting different makes and models and perusing owner forums, I made my purchase.

This has been the cherry on a rather fine cake, the nervous laugh breaking through intense silence or, if you prefer, the jewel in a somewhat splendid crown.

It wasn’t without a substantial dollop of stress that I handed over a large (large for me!) amount of money and for the first time EVER drove in the rain, in the dark whilst following another driver (my husband) to a mutual destination…nerve wracking!

But so far it has all been worth it and I am pleased to say I am the immensely proud owner of a shiny black BMW 1 Series M Sport…yeah baby!